A November evening at the coast


The light by the sea, even in late autumn and winter, can be magical. I found it hard just to pick one or two out of this set. Something about the colours and spaces in these photographs remind me of the sort of music one might hear at evensong in a medieval church.

I love the calmness and range of subtle colours in the rock pool one.

The hound racing by the sea, releasing pent-up energy, conveys a sense of freedom and joy to me.

The reflections of the evening sky on the wet sand and the curvy lines of the edges of surf always fascinate me.

The late-blooming flower (it was the middle of November in North East England) caught my eye as I paused to get my breath on the way up the steps to the street.

The sight of people rock-pooling at that time of year and when light levels were so low amused me. I also liked the dabs of red or orange against the dark rocks, creating almost an abstract picture.


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