Tyneside Classical autumnal morning


This photograph shows the base of the Monument. The base of this monument to Earl Grey and the passing of the Great Reform Act of 1832 had tents on it when I wandered around one November Sunday. This was the Occupy Newcastle encampment. It was an appropriate protest in this location.

I loved the dazzlingly bright morning light and mist which seemed to enhance the golden stone and blue sky. The architects of 19th century tended to be quite sparing in ornamentation when they designed in a Neo-classical style. There is a sense of 19th century civic confidence and pride, a feeling that the men who created these elegant streets (Grey Street, to the left of the Monument, was praised by Nikolaus Pevsner, archoitectural historian).

I tried to capture something of the timelessness of the architectural style providing a solid background to an ephemeral moment.


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