My photos 2016 part 12

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These are a few of my photographs from December 2016. After getting a print made for the Northern Footprints show (early 2017), I concentrated on taking photos of buildings around the Ouseburn Valley area. Many of these look very ordinary late 19th to mid-20th century buildings but their apparent ordinariness tends to mean that few will hesitate to demolish them until it’s too late and people realise that the character of the area has changed. There is something about early to mid-20th century industrial and light industrial buildings that I like. There is some thought to how they look and often more than a hint of Art Deco which carried through into the early 1950s as war interrupted building. These buildings (many built as engineering works or factories) are built in the local bricks which have a characteristic variation in colour from a light cream through red to black, sometimes in one brick.

There are bits of stone wall that could be early 19th century or possibly even earlier in places. I can’t help but wonder if some of the stones were originally part of Hadrian’s Wall which probably went across at least a couple of the areas I photographed.


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